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Wuxing Group has a two-wheel vehicle components business group and a diversity of entities and capital, including Sino-US-invested Sinopep Allsino Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhengfa Medical Calcium, Wuxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Tsingtao Brewery (Jiande) Corp. , Jiande Hushang Rural Bank, and Xin'an Small Loan. It is supported by experienced senior management and skilled R&D professionals who have served with Japanese, Taiwan, and other foreign-invested companies for many years. With powerful capital,  human resources, and a strong influence, Wuxing Group has laid a solid foundation for standardized and sustainable development.

As Wuxing Group founding company, Wuxing Bicycle ("Star Union") has been striving in the manufacturing industry for 35 years and accumulated invaluable experience in the field. Wuxing was formerly known as Yanzhou Gerneral Electronics Factory, an enterprise established in 1985 and engaged in R&D and manufacturing of explosion-proof electronic switches dedicated to the coal mining industry. Thanks to this strong background, Wuxing excels in the application and development of electronic technology, mold manufacturing, and production of plastic products. Noticing the drastic market changes, Wuxing decided to enter the bicycle industry in 1992. With professional endeavors and exploration, it has been engaged in design, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of electric bicycle parts and components since 1997.

Aiming at a larger international market share and higher standards to satisfy foreign-invested enterprises at home and abroad, as well as high-end domestic customers, Wuxing set up the High-End Business Division “Star Union” and an independent research-production-marketing team in 2010. Also, an optimized system was implemented to provide first-class brands with premium services based on relevant standards defined by European and American countries. The past decades have witnessed Wuxing's rapid development become a leading brand in China's two-wheel vehicle industry.

Wuxing two-wheel vehicle components group members, including Wuxing Star Union, Wuxing (Tianjin), Zhejiang Topology, and StarUnion (Germany), maintain robust interaction with each other. Wuxing Bicycle now has three manufacturing bases, namely Wuxing GB Factory, Wuxing EN Factory, and Wuxing (Tianjin). In this group, there are over 1,100 employees, including 93 R&D professionals and technicians, 56 QC engineers, and over 310 employees responsible for production, supply, and logistics procedures. Wuxing Bicycle has developed three different brands, including Star Union, Wuxing, and Topology, and two production lines that follow European norms (EN) and Chinese national standards (GB), respectively, to achieve centralized operations and management. The customized production lines offer satisfactory customer service by meeting different standards and requirements in western countries and the domestic market.

Wuxing group is dedicated to the manufacturing of such hall sensor throttle, power-off brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, LED headlights/taillights, electric control switches, LCD displays, controllers, hub motors, mid-drive motors, wire harness and one-stop solutions designed for electric bicycles, mini-escooters, GB ebikes, electric motocycles, and All in One Wheel.

Wuxing has set up a subsidiary in Frankfurt, representative offices in Taiwan, Vietnam, Tianjin, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Yongkang, Taizhou, and Chengdu. Meanwhile, Wuxing also receives orders from over 430 premium customers from all around the world via Alibaba's online sales platform.

To fulfill the objectives of its eight major programs, Wuxing has recruited a number of outstanding professionals with varied R&D backgrounds in industrial design, structural engineering, software engineering, electronic hardware engineering, production technique engineering, optical engineering, and quality control engineering. The R&D team has contributed to over 300 patented inventions, utility models, and designs, making Wuxing a leading manufacturer of well-designed, quality products in the domestic market.

We share the vision of striving to be a globally renowned brand of two-wheel vehicle parts and components, which unswervingly undertakes the mission of creating the perfect user experience. Embracing the operation philosophy of pursuing higher efficiency, greater strength, steady progress, and shared development, and holding the core values of perseverance, excellence, continuous self-renewal, and great virtues, we are determined to make the earnest efforts to grow into a benchmarking enterprise with a long history.

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